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Do these pumps use brushes like other DC pumps?

The motors that we use are AC low voltage motors which means that they do not work with brushes at all. The only wearable parts on the motors are the bearings and mechanical seals like normal AC motors.

Should I buy insurance for good with sea shipping?

We suggest our customer to insure the goods, to avoid any loss in transportation

What will be the discounts for my order?

During special sales promotions, most products have discounts when certain order quantity is met.     For detailed discount information, please consult our sales representatives.

What is your delivery time? If I need products very urgent ,how can I get it?

Shipped in 5-15 days after payment, and urgent order please check with our sales and who will offer a good delivery time for you according to your urgent request by express shipping.

How do you guarantee your quality?

Firstly, we do quality test during every process. And we use production instruction cards, when one process finished , the work will be signed on the production instruction cards.Secondly, we will collect all comments on our products from customers in time. And try our best to improving quality all the time.

What is your method of samples transportation?

We ship samples by international express such as FEDEX, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, etc.

What is your price advantage?

Own our own solar pump factory, no more mark up and resale price.Aim at long-term cooperation, always offer our best price and best solution to you.

Does COVID-19 affect shipping?

Currently affected by COVID-19, air transport in many countries and regions has been suspended. Such as many countries in South America and Africa. It may also be returned or detained during shipping.Sea transport is temporarily not affected by COVID-19 and can be transported normally. If you want to buy a solar pump, please contact me first.

How can we to be your agent in my country?

You can become our agent in your country as long as you reach our specified annual sales quantity.

What will be discount for my order?

We are a factory, so the more quantity is, the lower price is.

Can I get a free sample?

we are a manufacturer specialized in kinds of solar powered pumps, DC solar well pumps, DC surface pumps. unfortunately, we can not offer our solar pump for free. but if your quantity reaches a certain amount, we can offer a free sample.

What is your product certificate?

Our solar powered water pumps have obtained CE certification and ISO9001 certification.

I cannot find the product I want on your website. Can you provide the product I need?

Yes, pls tell us the product information, and then we will search for you.

What is your sample shipping method?

We deliver goods by FEDEX, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS and other international express delivery.