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After-sales Service Related

Can I use mains or generator power to run the pump on cloudy day?

The controller does not have the input for mains or generator power but the pump can be powered by means of a DC power supply that can supply the controller the correct voltage and amperage for the pump to operate efficiently.

How far can I install the solar panels from the pump?

The Solar pumps we use work on low voltage so extending the cable too far will affect the performance and thicker cables need to be used to counter the volt drop.We would not recommend extending the cable more than 100-120m depending on the size and voltage of the pump. It's best to increase the cable between the controller and pump and keep the cables between the controller and panels as short as possible to get the best efficiency out of the pump.

Can the speed of the solar pump be adjusted?

Yes, our MPPT controller supports modifying the speed, if you need you can send me a video on how to modify the speed of the solar water pump,

Can I run this pump on an existing solar installation?

It is possible to run the pump directly off of a battery bank. You will need to make sure that the voltage of the battery bank falls within the input range of the controller.

How do I determine the number of panels needed for my solar pump?

The easiest way to determine this is to add 1.3 times on top of the pump wattage for minimum requirements and recommended would be 1.4 times. I.e. a 500w pump requires minimum 650w and recommended 700w to operate.

What should I do if there is a problem with the TPON water pump I purchased?

If you encounter after-sales problems of TPON solar well pump kit, please contact me as soon as possible and take a video and photo of the water pump and controller for me. I will send the video and controller to our engineer for viewing, and our engineer will tell you how to pass Commissioning returns the pump to normal operation. If the pump part or controller is damaged, we will send you new parts free of charge.

How long is the warranty period for the TPON solar kit for water pump?

We provide 18 months warranty for every TPON small solar water pump.

Can I use my own forwarder?

Your shipping forwarders are also acceptable, we may charge some extra cost incurred with your shipping agent comparing to ours.

How long can I get your reply after in send you inquiry?

You can get a reply within 3-8 hours from Monday to Friday, and within 12 hours at weekend. If need urgent, please call us so we can reply soon after we phone communicated. The phone call is warmly welcome 24 hours a whole day.

What is the delivery time?

3-30 days after receiving your advanced deposit (according to the number of solar pumps you ordered).